Maestro Care training required for all providers and clinical staff

Jeffrey Ferranti, MD, chief medical information officer for DHTS, David Zaas, MD, MBA, chief medical officer for PDC, and Thomas Owens, MD, chief medical officer for DUHS, have alerted all School of Medicine faculty and Duke Medicine clinical staff of an important training requirement.

We want to remind you that Maestro Care training is a requirement for all providers at Duke Medicine. Training must be completed prior to the Maestro Care go-live in your clinical area, and you will be alerted to training details as outlined below.

A recently adopted health system policy requires that all providers and all users of the Maestro Care EHR complete Maestro Care training in order to practice at Duke Medicine. You will not receive access to Maestro Care, and therefore will not be able to practice at Duke, until you have completed Maestro Care training.

Instructions on how to register for training will be provided to you approximately three months prior to your go-live date.

Registration for Wave 2 is currently open.
If you are in Wave 2 and have not already registered, visit this website for instructions on registering.

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